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David and Maranda Meisner's
1992 Explorer EB

I have owned my 1992 Explorer since 1997 when I traded in a 1995 Ranger. I needed more seating for my family and I do a lot of hunting so I still needed a 4 wheel drive. 

Wheres Waldo (Ally)? Hahaha

After getting high centered one too many times I decided to get a suspension lift. I chose the 5.5 inch SuperLift because it would give me the greatest ground clearance. I also bought the extended radius arms and Super Runner Steering. Dick Cepek in Denver installed the lift.

Note the skidplates?

During my first trip off-road I noticed a banging sound under the floorboard. The passenger side drop down bracket was about 1-2 inches from the differential and was making a good sized dent on the top diff housing. When I contacted Dick Cepek they called SuperLift on the spot and explained what was going on. Apparently this happens to "some" Explorers. SuperLift sent us a different style drop down bracket and it solved the problem. I have about 3-4 inches of clearance now.

This is what my rear looks like.

Another problem I had was that the front of the driveshaft was hitting the support rail on the floorboard of the body. This happened a couple of times when I was trying to go through deep, soft dirt and once in deep snow. I should have replaced the transmission mount but instead I decided to go with a body lift. I got a great deal on one from Dick Cepek and it only took half a day to install. There is about 5 inches of clearance between the body and the driveshaft now. 

Here you can see the difference between my Explorer and a Stock one.

My air system utilizes a nitrogen air tank. The tank is equipped with an oxygen regulator that will regulate the pressure from 40 to 160 psi. It is located between the rear frame rails where the spare tire used to be. I built a steel cage to house the tank and it is isolated with rubber on the inside. I used 250 PSI airline hose to mount quick disconnect couplers behind the front and rear bumpers. My local welding supply house charges $13 for the refill. 

Front air line with valve.

Rear air line with valve.

I made the rear bumper with 2x.25 inch square tubing. I designed it so I can hook tow straps to it and it is stout enough to protect the end gate from inadvertent tree/rock collisions. I also made sure I can use a custom tire carrier which I have not built yet.

 I made some brackets to conveniently mount the High Lift.

I recently replaced the Superlift springs with taller, stiffer spings. The Superlift springs were sagging from the weight of the winch and skid plates. I installed 7 inch lift springs that are rated at 525 pounds/inch. The Superlift springs are rated at 445 pounds/inch.  The following chart shows the difference in spring height.  I used a stock Explorer to measure the Stock Installed length so a brand new stock spring may be slightly longer. 
Free Length
Installed Length
Settled Length
13 in
19.5 in
Coil Spring Specs.
20.5 in

The only modification that I had to make to allow the taller springs was to lower the Superlift cross member. The front driveshaft was making contact with it whenever the spring would extend far enough. To do this, I cut the side off of a piece of 4 inch pipe and welded it in place below the driveshaft. 

Since I have converted to manual hubs I have had problems keeping the spindle nuts tight. Especially with the 33 inch tires.  I finally decided to do something about it. I trimmed and filed some scrap steel to create "C-Clips" to lock the outer nut from coming loose. The C-Clip is held in place by the splined washer and axle clip. I have been using this since about the end of May with a few good 4-wheeling trips and the nuts have yet to come loose. I have noticed that the fit of the clip in the keyway has tightened up. I figure that I will run on these "experimental" clips until they cause damage to other parts.

1992 Eddie Bauer
Leather, sunroof, electric-seats/windows/locks 
7 inch Suspension Lift, 3 inch Dick Cepek Body Lift 

4.0 Liter V6 EFI 
2.5 inch dual exhaust with Walker Super Turbo muffler, K&N air filter, Secondary Electric coolant fan with thermostat 
Optima battery 

SuperLift Super Runner Steering 
Flaming River Steering Shaft 

Front Suspension:
7in Coil Spring Specialties springs 
5.5in Superlift dropdown brackets 
SuperLift radius arms 
Dick Cepek Race Series 77 shocks 
Stainless steel brake lines 
Custom front sway bar quick disconnects 

Rear Suspension:
SuperLift 5.5" spring over axle conversion 
Dick Cepek Race Series 77 shocks. 
Stainless steel brake lines 
Rear sway bar removed 

Front-Dana 35; 4.56 Precision Gear w/Trac-Loc 
Rear-Ford 8.8" 4.56 Precision Gear w/Trac-Loc 
Warn Manual Hubs 

Dick Cepek Radial AS 33x12.50-15 
Progressive 15x8 steel modular rims 

Front-Smittybilt Winch Mount 
Rear-custom square tube 
Custom tow hitch 

Rhino Chrome Nerf Bars (not pictured) 
Custom Steering Skidplate
Custom Front Diff Skidplate

Warn XD9000i Winch
48 inch High Lift Jack
Tow Hooks
Snatch Block, Shackles, Straps

Air Supply
Regulated nitrogen air tank 
Quick disconnects with valves near front and back bumpers 

Sony Reciever and 10 disc changer 
Alpine Face-Off 11 Band EQ
5.25 and 6.5 MB Quart speakers 
MB Quart and Orion Tweeters 
MB Quart Comp X-Overs 
12 inch Eclipse Subs w/ Sealed Box
Audio Control 2XS X-over
Alpine 3554 4-Channel Amp
Orion HCCA250 Amp

Radio Shack CB
Coleman 12v Cooler
Pilot fog lights