Wheel Spacers

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Wheel Spacer
Wheel Spacers

Wheel Spacers are simply what they are called - spacers. they create clearance/space between the wheel and the hub (mounting spot) which increases clearance from the inner wheel well. Most manufacturers use high-grade aluminum, which lead many to having weight and tire size rated spacers.

Adding wheel spacers will have the effect of running a wheel with a negative offset. they give you room for larger tires, thus solving most fitment issues. However, there is a downside; increased stress on the wheel bearings, spindles, knuckles, etc just like wider wheels or negative offset. Also, remember that because of the fact that the spacers bolt onto the hub and then the wheel bolts to the spacer, this will cause you to have to torque 2 times more than usual. DO NOT FORGET TO TORQUE ALL THE WHEEL LUGS. The most important thing to remember when purchasing spacers is to carefully measure things out ahead of time so that you can purchase spacers that are no thicker than they have to be.


Information about Offset and Backspace


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