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John Dency's
1991 Explorer Eddie Baur

Tech Sheet

Engine : 245CI 4.0L V6
Trans : 4 Speed Auto Overdrive
Brakes : Rear Antilock Drums, Front Discs
Audio : 4 JBL 6x8’s w Amp in rear panel
Tires : Five 31 x 10.50 BFG Trail T/A’s  (not yet) - still 235’s
Rims : Five 15 x 7.5 American Racing Outlaw 1’s.
Mileage : Over 105,000
Computer : Hypertch  Module (not yet, this summer)
Steering Wheel : Grant Rally Wheel w/Cruise Control Circuit & Ford Horn (not yet)
Roof : Removable Sunroof & Luggage Rack
Seats : Cloth Captain Chairs
Paint : Oxford White w/Lt. Sandalwood Two-Tone
Transfer Case : Electric Push Button
Communications : Radio Shack CB TRC-484 & Radio Shack PRO-2056 Scanner mounted under the dash
Antennas : Rt. Fender Radio, Windshield Scanner, Two 4ft. Fiberglass Whips, 2 Rear Glass Mounts
Gears : 3:73’s w/Locker & Dana 35 up front
Tail lights : Custom Painted Mazda Navajo Lights w/ Blue Dots
Tail lights set 2 : Custom Explorer Lamps - All Red no white or amber
Driving lights : Mazda front lamps in custom painted Navajo Airdam
Rear Turn Signals : Amber in Mazda Lamp
CD: 10 Disc Sony CD Changer w/ Phoenix Gold Triple Shielded Audio Cables
Front Turn Signals : Mazda
Headlights : 55/100 Watt Blue Ion Lamps - (cops don't like them)
Grille Fog Lights : BMW Bosch Lamps w/custom Bracket and PIAA Ion Bulbs 55W
Rear Fog Light : KC HiLites Red Ambulance Lamp 55W
Rear Flood Light : KC HiLites Flood 55W
Rocker Panels : Custom Painted Tan - (no more chrome)
Grille : Explorer Grille Painted Oxford White w/headlight bezels
Center Console : 1993 Explorer Sport - (2 Cup Holders)
Exhaust : 3” piping Flowmaster American Thunder Dual Exhaust System - (Custom)
Alarm : CrimeStopper  (not yet)
Alarm Lights : Blue el Scanner in Gauge Controls & Red Scanner under Dash & Xenon Strobe
Mass Air : Ford Aerostar Mass Air Custom Painted Candy Apple Red
120V Acc. : Wall outlet for home appliances in rear speaker panel 300W Converter
Exhaust Tips: 2 Monza Pacesetter 3½ inch Triple Plated Chrome Tips.
Cruise Control : Module from Bronco II
Wheel Centers : 1989 Ranger XLT
Whip Ant. Brackets : Radio Shack mounted on luggage rack
Compass : Dash Mounted
Thermometer : Dash Mounted
Hood : Cowl Induction w/ Eddie Baur Sticker on Sides (This summer)
Brake Light Kill Switch: Metal Toggle Mounted to CB
4WD Controls : Relocated under dash
Clock: Digital Military Argon w/Engine Timer mounted where 4WD controls were.
Temp Gauge : Ambient Air - Red Argon Digital mounted on A-Pillar in pod
Volt Gauge : Red Argon Digital Gauge mounted on A-Pillar in pod
Turn Signal Indicators : 2 orange LED’s mounted on Dash near vents
Shifter : Carbon Fiber Knob
Extension Cord : Built into reel - 30ft long Craftsman, mounted in rear
Relay Control Center : For All electronics mounted under cup holders - (hidden)
Headlight Indicator : Green LED in cup holders - comes on w/ parking lights
Brake Light Indicator : Red LED in cup holders
Tachometer : Stock in Dash & Sunpro Digital w/50 LED’s mounted where ash tray was.
SVT Emblem : From 1994 Cobra - mounted on rear gate
Side Mirrors : From 1998 Limited w/orange turn signals where courtesy lights belong
Chaje : One Hawaiian Carved Coconut head for good luck
Neon : 2 Foot yellow Neon mounted in grille.
D-Pillars : Custom Painted Semi-Gloss Black - (Originals faded painting this summer)
Third Brake Light : White LED Toyota Supra Lamp - Custom Body Work w/relocated sprayer 
(not yet)
Chrome Rear Diff Cover : Ford Motorsports 8.8 Cover
Cigarette Lighter : Sea-Dog Marine Unit mounted under steering wheel
12V Jack : Custom 12V Jack for wire ends mounted under defroster switch
Blue Zenon : Blue Strobe Light under Steering Wheel - flashes w/arm is set off. ( not 
Air Filter : K&N Custom Air Intake fabricated from Mazda parts (just a dropin for now)
Aux. Fuse Blocks : Under Hood for 4 guage wires, and one inside for 8 gauge.
Plastic Engine Cover : Hand Painted “4.0” Red & White
Steering Stabilizer : Chrome Plated Rancho RS5000 Shock mounted horizontal
Stabilizer Boot : Black Diamond w/black painted bushings (boot is still red)
Front Skid Plate : Custom Painted Candy Apple Red w/Ford Emblem (not yet)
Cats : Cutoff both stock ones and replace with one high-flow (not yet)
Race Readies : Y pipe w/ wing nuts to send exhaust out before muffler (not yet)
Heads: Heads from 1994 4.0L w/new gaskets
Gear Indicator : Custom - Golden-Yellow Display in gauge panel
Headers : Motorsport Mandrel Bent w/collector pipe (not yet)
License Plate Lamps : From Bronco II
Personalized Plates : Maryland Tags “4WDFORD” (in the mail)
Brake Dust Shields : Rally Front 15” shields
Switch Panel : 4 Switches built into cup holders, w/ wires run under carpet.
120V Lamp : House Powered Fluorescent work light that plugs into inverter.
Towing : Rear Tow Package w/chrome ball, tow rope, and tow hooks front & back
License Plate Frame: Rear Frame - “Ben Pilla Performance”
Horns : Compressed Air - (Deafening)
Wires : Ford Motorsports 9mm plug wires: red(not yet)
Red Accent Lighting : Installed in Doors
Flashlight : Maglite Built into driver side door

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